Production Update

Production is running smooth. As with any new product, it takes a little extra time to complete the process for the first manufacturing run. We expect your Zug Jug to be finished at the end of this month. After completion, we have to package the product and ship to our distribution center in the US. Packaging, shipping and clearance through customs will hopefully take 6 weeks. From there we will package and fulfill the individual orders for our backers.
In order to fulfill the orders in the most efficient method, we are providing a discount code for the current retail value of the product our backers ordered. This will enable them to place the order online. From here backers can verify or change the color selected, design engraved name plate (or add one on) and input current shipping address. The website is tied to our shipping system that will provide shipping labels and updated tracking information on the orders. We will inform everyone when we email the codes so you they aren't missed.
International orders will be handled through an email process and entered manually by our team to ensure the shipping is included.
We can't thank our backers enough for the support and patience they've provided through out this process. We are excited to provide all of them with their own Zug Jug, The World's Greatest Jug, very soon.
Thank you,
The Zug Jug team