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We've had a wild ride trying to manufacture The World's Greatest Jugs. As another backer mentioned previously, "You surely know how to keep us on our toes."

Well, get on your toes again.

After manufacturing our product and finally scheduling the container for shipping, the product was moved from holding to assembly and packaging. During this process, we found that a large portion of the lids that connect the Zuggie to the Zug Jug did not screw on and off as effectively as we'd like. We also noticed that when stamping the Zug Jug logo on the Zuggie, the steel became thinner around the logo, causing an area of weakness that may affect the integrity of the vacuum seal.

With that being said, we are going to re-engineer the lid and reproduce the 3,000 units. We will also re-manufacture the 3,000 Zuggies and change the method of stamping/embossing the logo on the Zuggie. The main Zug Jug and its lid had no issues during assembly, so we will not have to reproduce those items.

As we've said previously, we want our product to be perfect when it gets into your hands. Inventing and manufacturing a new product isn't an easy process, and it often takes a while to iron out all the kinks. Thank you to all our backers that joined on this wild ride with us. Our current goal is to ship from the manufacturing plant in March and receive in our distribution center in May. We will keep you posted on the retooling updates as we move forward.

We plan on launching our website in the next month. At that point our initial backers will receive an email to finalize the product they chose. We will provide a coupon code so they can submit the order online. This will enable our backers to select the color, personalize the engraving and put in their current address for shipping.
We want to personally thank our backers for all their support and patience. We couldn’t bring this project to fruition without them. We’ve received a few Zug Jug’s from the manufacturing line already and they are beautiful. We’ve tested them in various environments and they perform absolutely fantastic. They are durable and live up to our goal of creating The World's Greatest Jugs. We couldn’t be happier.
Coming soon!
The Zug Jug Team